The long lost guide to Tarnys the Grim Fantasy World of Dungeoneer.

This was the world bible for the Dungeoneer expandible card game, and a working document for the card-based roleplaying game. It never got past the "Beta" stage, but by popular demand here is the book in it's latest state.

Dare to enter a realm of fearsome dragons teeming with horrid creatures, armored knights wielding magic swords, mysterious spell casters with mighty magics, and filled with unimaginable treasures for you to discover. Dungeoneer is a fantasy game that uses cards and your imagination to create a world filled with magic, ancient kingdoms, brave heroes, baleful scoundrels, and adventure. You take the role of one of these characters set out to complete quests in order to gain power, glory, and riches.

This book is a little hard to explain. It's part world bible, part pseudo-RPG, part resource book, it has a short comic that gives a taste of the world, and some variant rules. It is designed to work with the Dungeoneer card game, but has a method of recording your deck on the character sheets that doesn't require physical cards.


Dungeoneer: Adventures in Tarnys